Dietary fibre

Nowadays in Health forums one of the most discussed subject is dietary fibre.
Now much importance is being given for inclusion of fibre in the diet and its insufficient intake is even considered as malnutrition.
The word fibre is a misnomer as it may not be a fibre at all.
The term Dietary fibre is being used now to include the indigestible components in plant foods sources wherein certain benefits are achieved by their intake.
These dietary fibres (better called roughage)are now grouped as water soluble and non soluble.
One of the main function of insoluble fibre in nutrition is for the movement of food through the intestine for its absorption, assimilation and defecation.
The insoluble fibre in food also passively attracts water and facilitates bowl movement.
Soluble fibres undergo fermentation in the intestine and yield helpful end products.
Insufficiency of fibre in the food can lead to constipation and in acute cases hemorrhoids and fissures can result.

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