Category: Proteins

What are proteins?

They are formed by the complex polymerization of amino acids and are essential for every biochemical function of the living organisms.

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Types of proteins

With relation to the structure and number of amino acids present and the nature of bonding, they are broadly categorized into four classes.

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Functions of proteins

Proteins make up to 50% of the dry body weight and have specific functions. All the activities like structural support, growth, respiration, digestion, energy production, osmoregulation are brought about by proteins.

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What is protein synthesis?

In non-biological process of peptide production short peptides are produced in laboratories. There are two types of peptide production methods namely liquid phase production and solid phase synthesis.

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Daily protein requirements

The daily requirements are highly variable and are highly relative to the individual's gender, age, height and weight. The level of activity of a person and his lifestyle also have an effect over his necessities of macronutrients.

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High protein food sources

Corn and rice, the staple food sources of the third world are poor in proteins and are leading to obesity of the populations due to high carbohydrate content of these cereals.

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