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Scurvy - Vitamin C deficiency disease

Scurvy is a historically documented disease and was encountered in earlier days by sailors on long voyages foregoing fresh fruits and vegetables. Though many animals can synthesize it in their body and are free from scurvy, unfortunately man has to depend on his food sources for vitamin C.


Signs and symptoms of scurvy

The typical scurvy symptoms and signs include general weakness, painful joints and muscles, hemorrhage of gums and mucous membranes, anemia, livid spots on the legs and corkscrew hair.


Causes of scurvy

It is the fatal disease due to lack of/insufficient intake of ascorbic acid in diet leading to spongy gums, loosening of the teeth, livid spots formation on the skin, bleeding from most of the mucous membranes and bleeding into the skin.


Treatment and prevention of scurvy

The treatment involves intake of vitamin C at the rate of 100 mg 5-6 times daily for about 8-10 days followed by reducing the dosage gradually to 100 mg daily till all symptoms resolve.


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