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Pellagra disease

Pellagra disease is due to niacin deficiency (vitamin B3, nicotinamide, niacinamide or nicotinic acid deficiency) and was affecting whole population in the early 1900s in Southern states of USA.


Causes of pellagra disease

The deficit of vitamin B3 deranges all cellular functions and all biochemical mechanisms of the body systems go haywire and leads to the resultant debilitating symptoms.

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Diagnosis of pellagra disease

For diagnosis of pellagra, earlier we had to rely on the symptoms narrated by the patient, signs observed and the nutritional deficiency status and diet of the patient.

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Dr.Joseph Goldberger contribution for pellagra research

One of the greatest research findings for the cause of the neglected humanity was by Dr Joseph Goldberger. Dr Joseph Goldberger contracted renal cell carcinoma and died on January 17, 1929.


Niacin flush

Niacin, when taken for cholesterol control, in its nicotinic acid form causes reactions which are called 'niacin flush'. The necessity and benefits of niacin in nutrition are well known.


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