Recent research has shown many important properties of boron useful in health care nutrition.
It is a trace mineral unique in showing both the properties of metals and non metals.
Boron forms many complex organic compounds useful in many biological functions.
It is observed that born interacting with other nutrients regulates the utilization of other minerals like calcium and magnesium.
Found in high concentration in bones, it is believed to co-ordinate the function of calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and vitamin D in the upkeep of the health of the bones and in their protection from osteoporosis.
Though in healthy persons additional intake has no extra benefit on the density of bones, in persons with osteoporosis its intake lessens the loss of calcium and magnesium in urine thereby lessening the the effect of deficiencies of estrogen or vitamin D.
Boron is found to enhance memory and learning.
It boosts up immune system and reduce the effects of autoimmune diseases like arthritis.
It is found to increase the concentration of testosterone like steroid hormones.
Though boron is available in many vegetables and fruits, the quantity available depends upon the water and soil wherein they are grown.
Avocados, apples, dried beans, coffee and drinking water (if from a boron rich sub-soil) are good food sources of boron.

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