Carbohydrates are energy houses

Carbohydrates are the power houses for the human body.
In human nutrition carbohydrates constitute a major chunk of the food.
They are the main source of energy .
Depending upon the number of sugar units they contain carbohydrates are classified into mono saccharides, disaccharides and polysaccharides.
Sugar is an example of mono saccharides whereas starch is the example of polysaccharides.
 Basically the carbohydrate is built on sugar molecule which again is built on carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.
The digestive system converts the carbohydrates into simple sugars and then into glucose.
The glucose is burnt in the cells to give energy.
The excess of glucose is converted into fats and stored in the body.
Cereals, grains, potatoes and many tubers are rich in carbohydrates.
When carbohydrate metabolism goes haywire the disease diabetes is caused.
Excess of sugars lead many problems in skin care, hair care and dental care.
Obesity is one of the problems in developed country's health care.
Carbohydrates are blamed for this situation.
Taking of antioxidants and super foods can alleviate the situation.
It is to be noted that carbohydrates are essential as nutrients and are tobe taken not in excess or burnt up by vigorous exercise.

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