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Selenium is an essential trace mineral in human nutrition.
Being a potent antioxidant, it helps in the neutralization of free radicals created in oxidative reactions in the course of energy production in biological processes.
The free radicals can destroy cells and kill them.
Selenium is found to help maintain the reproductive system of men.
It is an important factor in the production of enzymes.
This trace mineral enhances the immunological process protecting us from diseases.
It slows and stops aging process and enhances the action of vitamin E.
It may help in prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.
In the normal balanced diet it is sufficiently available.
This mineral is available in sea foods, fish, shell- fish, meat, whole grains and vegetables and fruits grown on selenium rich soils.
Body pains and weakness are its deficiency symptoms.
Keshan disease is an abnormality of the heart, caused by its deficiency.
Diseases of joints, bones and also mental retardation may be caused by its deficiency in the diet.
Deficiency of this trace mineral can be corrected by the intake of food rich in this mineral and by use of supplements.
In excess it can cause selenosis leading to loss of hair, nausea, fatigue and irritability.
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