In nutrition, the importance of the mineral vanadium is being unraveled.
As one of the trace minerals, it is present in human body in low levels particularly in soft organs and bone.
Though many benefits are attributed to vanadium in research it is not conclusively proved.
Parsley, shell fish, black pepper and mushrooms are good food sources for this mineral.
However it is present in almost all food sources in some quantities.
There are no marked deficiency symptoms in human beings.
It is believed to accumulate in bones, liver and kidney, in high consumption.
It is believed that vanadium helps in regulating and lowering blood sugar levels.
It found that this mineral in the form of vanadyl sulphate increases the muscle hardness, strength and energy by increasing protein synthesis in human body.
Vanadium is believed to have blood thinning properties and restrain is advised when using anticoagulation drugs.
When oral medicine or insulin is being used to lower glucose levels, the use of this mineral is to be closely monitored or avoided.
Vanadium in excess is found to cause green tongue and upset the sugar levels and subsequent consequences of sudden blood sugar drop may take place.

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