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The scurvy treatment is simple and easy and in about a month of treatment complete recovery can be achieved. Our present food habits are to be evaluated and corrected to prevent scurvy.

Scurvy treatment

Treatment of scurvy involves intake of vitamin C rich citrus fruits, vegetables and vitamin C supplements. The medication regime for scurvy affected person is usually as follows.
  • The treatment involves intake of vitamin C at the rate of 100 mg 5-6 times daily for about 8-10 days followed by reducing the dosage gradually to 100 mg daily till all symptoms resolve.
  • Alternatively one gram of ascorbic acid per day is given in split doses for about 4-5 days followed by 400-500 mg/day in split doses for 7 days. Then the dose is reduced gradually to 100 mg per day.
  • For infants 50 mg/day of ascorbic acid must be given till complete recovery.
  • The doses have to be divided and restricted to 100 mg at one time as absorption in the intestine is limited.
  • Patients with gastrointestinal malabsorption problems may require administration of supplements through parenteral route.
  • The patient must be given fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C during and after the course of treatment to avoid recurrence.
  • If neglected  this disease is usually fatal.

The scurvy treatment responses

  • *If detected early and proper action taken, recovery is complete and is usually successful.
  • *The response and recovery from scurvy is usually very fast.
  • *The hemorrhage of the gums and mucous membranes stops usually within 24 hours from the first step taken.
  • *The bleeding into skin stops in about 48 hours and resolving of livid spots occurs in two weeks.
  • *The muscle pain and bone pain goes away in two weeks.
  • *Most of the symptoms of scurvy go away in a month time and recovery is total in most of the cases.
kakadu plum
Richest source of vitamin C - Kakadu plum (enlarge)

>Prevent scurvy

  • *To prevent the chances for developing scurvy we have to eat healthy and balanced food.
  • *In order to prevent the disease our diet must contain sufficient amounts of fruits, especially citrus fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamin C.
  • *Light, heat and air destroy the ascorbic acid and to minimize loss we should consume fresh food; we should not over-cook the food.
  • *Wherever and whenever it is possible we should consume raw vegetables and fruits to prevent the disease.
  • *Pregnant women require more supplies of vitamin c and sufficient supplements must be taken to prevent the development of this disease.
  • *The requirement of vitamin C in infants is comparatively high and the nursing mother should take proper food and supplements to prevent it in infants.
  • *Infants who are not breast-feeding and relying on cow milk run the risk of developing the deficiency as cow milk is poor in ascorbic acid and pasteurization destroys it. Hence supplements must be given to prevent scurvy.
  • Proper balanced nutrition containing sufficient vitamin C prevents scurvy and is the treatment.
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