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Selenium liquid is the supplement administered as drops.

Selenium is an essential trace mineral required for the healthy function of the human body.
This trace mineral is very important for the synthesis of antioxidant enzymes containing selenoproteins.
For the proper function of thyroid hormones as well as many organs like heart, prostrate glands and thyroid glands this mineral is required in trace quantities.

What is selenium drops?

The supplements of this essential trace mineral are formulated in the forms of fluid, tablets, capsules and injectables.
The fluid form is usually made as a suspension of L-selenomethionine, sodium selenite or sodium selenate in purified water or syrup.
Many additives like other essential minerals and syrup may be added to keep the isotonic nature as well as to increase the palatability.

Selenium liquid - advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage is that the supplement is in a pleasant palatable form.
It has been found that essential trace minerals when taken in a fluid ionic form are readily absorbed and are bioavailable.
Compared to tablet and capsule form of supplements in fluid form are relatively expensive.
When taking this supplement form there is the possibility of squirting more quantity than required.
On the long run this extra dose can precipitate selenosis symptoms.

Some popular brands of Selenium drops

  • ' by Florida Herb House' supplies this mineral in 16 oz bottles containing approximately 40 mg per litre and 200 mcg per teaspoon.
  • 'Angstrom selenium' is available with the strength of 40 ppm in 16 oz bottles
  • 'Liquid Ionic Selenium' 300mcg (product of 'Trace Minerals Research®') is marketed in 2 fl. oz bottle. This product is yeast-free containing purified water, L - Selenomethionine, Sodium selenate and maltodextrin.
  • The product of 'Dr Sandra Cabot' comes in 100 ml bottle. It also contains zinc. It contains sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate. This formulation does not contain yeast, gluten, sugar or dairy products.
  • 'M mineralife' 'SELENIUM 8oz *120 Day Supply*' contains 400 mcg per 2ml serving per day and also 200 mcg of ionic catalyst. The mineral is in the form of ionized selenite.
  • 'BODYBIO Selenium #8 Liquid Mineral' comes in 4oz container to give 530 servings. The supplement gives 200 mcg of the mineral in the form of sodium selenate.
  • 'T. J. Clark Liquid Selenium' contains the mineral as L-selenomethionine giving 70 mcg per 5 ml serving (1 teaspoon). It also contains 100 mcg of Phytogenic Mineral Catalyst.
  • 'New Beginnings Selenium Liquid' supplies approximately 250 mcg of this trace mineral per serving of five drops. It comes in a 2 fl. oz container. The mineral in this supplement is in the form of sodium selenite. The product does not contain gluten, soy, yeast, dairy products, sugars and corn.

Precautions while taking selenium drops

Take care to squirt only the required number of drops.
When used for children it is advisable to consult your health care provider about the dosage.
If you are taking other multivitamin supplements study their contents and if this mineral is added in them then reduce the quantity so as not to exceed a total of 200 mcg per day.
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