Zinc in nutrition - Zinc health benefits

Zinc is an essential micronutrient with extraordinary requirements in human nutrition with many health benefits.

Zinc nutrition and health benefits

Zinc metalloenzymes are an important and predominant group of cellular and intracellular enzyme systems.
This trace mineral is an essential component is gene transcription process with many uses in regulation of cellular growth, gene expression and cellular differentiation.
The metabolism of fatty acids, sugars and amino acids requires enzymes dependant on this micronutrient.
Many studies have revealed that its adequate nutrition is an important factor in growth promotion (both mental and physical) in young children and teenagers.
Its contributes to many body functions like tissue growth, maintenance and healing, cognitive function, function of senses, immune system function, function of glands and hormones production,especially hormones connected with reproductive system.
Hence its nutrition supplements have become very potent therapeutic tools for containing, managing and treating a number of diseases and health conditions.

Zinc health benefits in boosting immunity

This micronutrient is necessary for the function of thymus gland and is a component of thymic hormone.
T-lymphocytes (T cells)  undergo maturation and different T-cells are designated for different antigen protein with the help of thymic hormones.
T-cells attacking body's own proteins are eliminated by thymus.
It extends benefits in the proper functional performance of neutrophils and macrophages.
Being an astringent and antiviral agent, it extends health benefits in control of cold symptoms in the form of lozenges.
Substantial reduction in incidence and prevalence of pneumonia and malaria was observed in studies conducted in developing nations with its supplementation in nutrition.

Zinc health benefits in healing of wounds

Serum zinc is found to get diverted to injured and healing tissue.
It stimulates the activities like tissue debris removal, new cell growth and connective tissue formation.
In topical applications, its astringent and biostatic properties are useful in control and healing of minor skin ailments.
Zinc is important for memory and cognition improvement
It is found that adequate zinc nutrition improves brain development, especially in young children.
In adults and children neuropsychological performance improves with supplementation with this trace mineral.

Zinc nutrition in diarrhea control

In acute and chronic diarrhea, the addition of zinc in the conventional oral rehydration solution (ORS) has been found to reduce the severity of illness.
In diarrhea, loss of this micronutrient in the intestinal fluids contributes to its deficiency.
Further in this illness the requirement of zinc is increased due responses for boosting immune and tissue repair functions.
Supplements of this trace mineral in this state applies brakes to this vicious cycle of diarrhea.

Zinc health benefits on senses

It is required for inducing appetite as it is involved in the activities of taste buds and their development and growth.
The senses of vision, taste and smell are dependent on its adequate serum levels in the body.
It is found in many research studies that most of the people suffering anorexia or Bulimia nervosa were deficient in this trace mineral.

Zinc health benefits in testosterone production in men

Adequate zinc serum levels are necessary for inducing pituitary glands to release luteinizing hormone, which stimulates Leydig cell production of testosterone.
This micronutrient, being a natural aromatase enzyme inhibitor, inhibits the production of aromatase. Aromatase is responsible for conversion of testosterone into estrogen.
The higher amount of estrogen in men can lead to heart ailments, obesity and gynecomastia (enlarged breasts in men).
Another dangerous aspect of increased levels of estrogen in men is in getting predisposed to prostate gland enlargement and cancer.

Zinc health benefits in athletic performance

In athletes there is increased dietary demand of this micronutrient due to sweat loss.
Adequate zinc in nutrition is necessary for endurance athletes to maintain health and to ward off anorexia, weight loss, fatigue, decrease in endurance and loss of bone tissue and calcium nutrition.
Zinc nutrition and health benefits (current topic)

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