Nutrition and malnutrition

Lack of proper nutrition is a challenge for health care
Malnutrition is a situation wherein a person is suffering from excess of certain nutrients or deficit of certain nutrients.
The imbalance of the nutrients either on the higher side or on the lower side can be temporarily or permanently harmful.
In the poor third world malnutrition is usually by starvation or by not getting sufficient nutritive food.
In developed world malnutrition is usually by consumption of excessive fat food and junk food.
This may be coupled with deficiency of some essential trace elements and vitamins due to lack of balanced food.
This could be the major cause for heart ailments.
In infants and their subsequent growth into adulthood the malnutrition of the mother before and during pregnancy has a great effect.
For example if the mother suffers from deficiency of folic acid during pregnancy the neural tube formation and the subsequent development of nervous system is affected in the fetus.

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