Super foods and nutrition

Health care is vital for healthy life. Proper nutrition and super foods prop up our health.
Good Health is a divine blessing for the living beings.
Shortcomings in health, if any, are tackled successfully to great extent by human beings by proper health care through use of super foods.
All living beings require for their health care inputs in the form of air, water and nutrients.
Improper diet can lead to Malnutrition and debility.
For good health all our organ systems should function in prime condition.
Even for our external appearance our nutrition has a big role.
Diets targeting skin care, hair care and dental care is very essential.
Some foods are found to contain high amounts of certain nutrients and are called super foods and which can quick fix the short falls and imbalances in our nutrition intake.
In the following posts let us discuss the nutrition and super foods individually for our health care.
If you are specific about any topic select from the list given in the recent posts.

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