Proteins deficiency can lead to collapse of body functions.

Proteins are the body building blocks
Sufficient consumption of protein foods is stressed as proteins are essential for the proper growth of the body.
Proteins are the basis for almost all the body parts like muscles, skin, hair and nails.
Proteins are made up of many amino acids in particular sequences specific to each type of protein. In the intestines the proteins are broken down into amino acids and absorbed.
These amino acids are assembled into required proteins in the body for the growth and the repair of the body.
Excess amino acids are excreted from the body in the urine.
Human beings require about twenty amino acids of which ten are essential.
In the absence of these essential amino acids the body will not grow.
So in human nutrition particular attention is given for obtaining the balance by mixing two or three sources.
In pregnancy right from conception addition of many sources of proteins in the diet is recommended to get all the essential amino acids.
Animal sources of proteins contain almost all the essential amino acids.
This good aspect is offset by the huge amount of fats.
Plant sources are deficient in some essential amino acids. However soy beans has been found to contain all the required amino acids.

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