Sulfur is one of the essential minerals for health and nutrition.
It is one of the important components in the body proteins.
It makes up nearly 1% of the proteins and occurs in the amino acids methionine and cysteine.
Sulfur is also present in vitamins biotin and thiamine.
It helps the liver in bile secretion.
It plays an important role in metabolism by being present in some enzymes.
It regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates.
Proteins like keratin and collagen contain cysteine.
For healthy nails, skin, hair, bones, cartilage and tendons, cysteine is essential.
Sulfur helps in the removal of toxic chemicals from our body.
All protein sources are good sources of this mineral in the food.
Leafy vegetables, red gram and green gram are good sources.
Sulphates are used as food preservatives and additives.
Skin creams containing sulfur are found to be useful in treating skin problems.
Sulfur deficiency occurs when protein deficiency occurs. This may cause general health problems.

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