Vitamin C - ascorbic acid - health benefits - uses

Health benefits and uses of ascorbic acid

The benefits and uses of vitamin C in the maintenance of the healthy body are numerous.
One of the very important uses and health benefits of vitamin C is its function as a potent antioxidant.

Vitamin C health benefits and uses as antioxidant
Our body's metabolic reactions and energy production causes free radicals to be produced.
These free radicals, though have their requirement for our health, in excess, cause oxidative damages to our body cells and their death.
Ascorbic acid is a potent antioxidant and it neutralizes the free radicals and saves our body and health from these damages.

Health benefits and uses in the treatment and prevention of scurvy disease
Scurvy is a debilitating and life threatening disease caused by the deficiency of ascorbic acid.
100-120 mg of ascorbic acid is the daily requirement to ward off scurvy and improve health.
Daily consumption of citrus fruits keeps this disease at bay.

Vitamin C health benefits and uses in collagen production and wound healing
Collagen is a body connective tissue and fiber found in various parts of the body.
As connective tissue beneath the skin, it gives the skin elasticity.
Vitamin C forms the matrix for the calcium and phosphate deposition and the formation of bone tissue.
It is also required for connecting bones, cartilages and the tendons.
Collagen has important role in wound healing. For the formation of collagen ascorbic acid is very essential.

Health benefits and uses in cellular immune functions and in enhancing immunity
Vitamin c influences the immune system and helps in its fight against bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.
It is shown to stimulate production and function of white blood corpuscles (leukocytes).
It is also found to increase the production of antibodies.
It can also control the production of histamine and allergy.

Vitamin C health benefits and uses during the treatment of diseases and in their prevention
Coronary heart disease: regular dietary intake has been proved to decrease the risk of coronary heart disease.

Cardiovascular disease: as ascorbic acid is vasodilatory in function the incidence of cardiovascular diseases has been greatly reduced with the regular vitamin C intake.

Hypertension: regular supplementation with ascorbic acid reduces hypertension.

Stroke: it has been found that in persons with higher levels of serum vitamin C the risk of stroke is greatly reduced.

Cancer: there is marked improvement in the health of cancer patients with higher vitamin C intake and also protection to the users from cancer of gastrointestinal system and respiratory system.

Cataracts: The levels of vitamin C in the eye lens is found to decrease with age. Regular consumption of vitamin C reduces the risk of cataract.

Gout: Studies have shown that higher serum levels of uric acid causes gout. With regular consumption of vitamin C the serum levels of uric acid gets reduced.

Diabetes: regular intake of vitamin C, reduces the cardiovascular disease in the diabetes patients.

Vitamin C benefits and uses in medication and side effects
There is an increase in the requirement of vitamin C during the medication with antibiotics.

Benefits and uses in hormone production and body metabolism
Vitamin C helps in the production of hormones like thyroid.
Vitamin C regulates the adrenal glands and the production of stress hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine.
One of the health benefits and uses is in the metabolism of tryptophan, tyrosine and folates.

Benefits and uses for smokers, alcoholics, obese persons and workers in toxic environment
The body systems of alcoholics, smokers and persons living in toxic environment are always under stress. Their bodies utilizes more ascorbic acid to counter the stress.
Regular supplementation improves the health and benefits and protects them from faster deterioration of their conditions.

Uses in skin care, wrinkles and ageing
Skin aging and wrinkle formation are associated with oxidative activities due to exposure to elements (especially sun) and food habits.
It has been clinically proved that ascorbic acid slows the aging process.

Vitamin C health benefits and uses in the absorption of essential minerals and protection from harmful elements
For the absorption and use of iron in the human body ascorbic acid is very essential.
To tide over the ill effects of toxins like DDT and the heavy metals like mercury, cadmium and lead higher quantities of vitamin C is required.
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