Ginseng a super food

Everybody is talking of Ginseng for healthy life; one of the super food. Ginseng is the fleshy root of the perennial plant belonging to genus Panax(the name is the derivative of word panacea).
It takes nearly 4 to 6 years for this plant to grow and have mature roots. 
These plants are traditionally grown in north eastern countries of Asia. 
Now they are commercially grown all over the world, mostly in cool climates. 
Ginseng is adaptogenic herb and contains ginsenosides
The main benefits attributed to ginseng include antioxidant, anti carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and performance enhancing properties. 
Ginseng is also believed to improve libido. 
Ginseng is also useful in skin care and hair care and its intake is believed to improve the skin tone and hair lustre.
In dental care ginseng is believed to give healthy gums. 
Ginseng root is sliced into small pieces and a decoction is obtained by simmering in hot water. 
The root is also available in dried form. 
Though ginseng is well tolerated caution is required when taken along with anti-diabetic drugs. 
Judicial use of ginseng in our nutrition can have profound effect on our health care.

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