Water for health

Good potable water is one of the corner stones of health.
Water is the main component of human body contributing up to 60% to 70% of the body weight.
Water is lost from the body in various ways like sweating, urination, defecation and respiration.
In health care and nutrition management much importance is being given to body fluids level maintenance.
Depending upon the climate, body activity, diseases, humidity, air temperature, sun exposure and the type of food intake, the human body may require from one to six litres of water per day.
The reduction of water in the body is called dehydration and this condition may be mild or severe.
Though the mild dehydration is replenished by intake of water severe dehydration can cause acute conditions like heat stroke and kidney failure.
A condition called hyper hydration is caused when water is taken much in excess of the requirement.This can be sometimes fatal.

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