Fats have an important role in the absorption of fat soluble vitamins

Fats are sources of essential fatty acids, important for our biological activities.
Fats are oil soluble nutrients.
In the normal room temperatures they may be in the form of liquid or solid.
In our nutrition, fats are sourced from animals and plants.
Ingested fats are broken down to fatty acids and utilised in our body.
Essential fatty acids are obtained from the fats and oils consumed.
Fats are the facilitators for the absorption and utilisation of the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.Fats help us to maintain the body temperature and the health of the skin.
Fats stored in our body function as store houses of energy.
When required fats are broken down in our body into glycerol and fatty acids.
 Glycerol is again converted into glucose to produce energy.
 Human body has sebaceous glands which secrete oil to give lustre and protection to our skin.
Fats are essential for skin care and hair care.
Excess consumption of fats leads to obesity which is a big health care problem in developed countries.

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