Calcium - Back bone of health

Calcium is the most neglected, but the most important in nutrition for health. It occurs naturally in abundant quantities and in most living organisms, next to oxygen and hydrogen the most abundant element is calcium.
Most cellular processes require ionic calcium for cytoplasm functions and ion exchange.
It is required for the body for building and maintaining strong teeth and bones.
It is required for proper transmission of electric signals to brain.
Calcium is required at a constant level in body tissues and fluids for normal biological functions.
Bones which constitute the major mass of our body require continuous supply of the mineral for growth and replenish the mineral lost in various biological processes.
There is continuous skeletal absorption and deposition process and it varies with age and gender.
The loss of this mineral from bones leads to osteoporosis resulting in soft and brittle skeleton.
In such conditions fractures can occur.
Know more about osteoporosis, rickets, calcium absorption mechanism, fractures caused by its deficiency and calcium requirement in menopause in the coming posts.

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