Osteoporosis is the result of calcium deficiency

In health care,proper nutrition for the health of our bones and our skeletal system is vital.
Bone is a dynamic living tissue made up of different types of cells.
Bonetissue forming cells are called osteoblasts.
Bone reabsorbing cells are called osteoclasts.
Both the forming and reabsorbing functions go on in healthy person with tilt towards either of these functions depending upon the age and gender of the person.
When the forming activity is impaired especially in children malformations occur and this can lead to a debilitating disease called rickets.
This can be due to many reasons, the important reason being insufficient intake of calcium or vitamin D or both.
Lack of balance in the intake of essential minerals can also lead to osteoporosis.
When the reabsorbing is fast and the growth activity is reduced osteoporosis occurs.
Reduction in bone mineral density occurs in osteoporosis leading to the risk of fracture.
Osteoporosis occurs in women especially after menopause due to hormone imbalance and in both the sexes due to intake of certain steroids, poor intake of the mineral and vitamin D in the childhood.
Osteoporosis can be corrected to some extent by supplement of the mineral and vitamin D.
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