The role of calcium in osteoporotic fractures

Osteoporotic fractures are debilitating and life-threatening.
Fracture is a situation wherein bone is broken or cracked.
This could be due to fall or excessive stress on the concerned bone.
However in a person with osteoporosis, bone breaks or cracks in a situation wherein a normal person will not suffer a fracture.
Because of low density, bone fractures occur in a person with osteoporosis and the risk rate is very high.
Osteoporotic fractures are also called fragility fractures and mostly occur in wrist, hip, rib and vertebral column.
Vertebral cracks cause severe back pain and multiple vertebral breaks can result in stooped posture, chronic back pain, height loss and reduced mobility.
Hip fracture requires immediate surgery as it is usually associated with deep vein thrombosis and can result in pulmonary embolism.
Osteoporosis and osteoporotic cracks can be prevented and remedied with life style changes, proper consumption of calcium and other essential minerals and medication.
In old age, people become prone to falls because of their postural instability, vision problems, weakness and poor reaction and response time.
By undertaking proper exercises to tone up their muscles and their balance, falls can be prevented considerably.
 Use of calcium and vitamin D supplements, bisphosphonates, teriparatide and strontium ranelate can prevent and cure osteoporosis to great extend.

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