Sodium-table salt

One of the essential minerals for health care is sodium.
There is no life without this mineral.
For human body it is one of the very essential minerals.
Sodium regulates our blood volume and hence our blood pressure.
Blood pressure is very much necessary for our normal body functions.
This mineral functions as an electrolyte.
It hydrates the cells by osmotic pressure.
Apart from the maintenance of water balance, it regulates the osmotic equilibrium.
Sodium is required for normal muscular activity. 
It also has a crucial role in the transmission of nerve impulses.
This mineral is available in almost all the natural food sources both of plant and animal origin.
Table salt contains 40% sodium, the rest being chlorine.
In one teaspoon of salt about 2000mg of sodium is present.
Its requirement of about 2000mg, per day for adults is almost met in our food.
The real problem is its excess consumption.
When we use fast foods, processed foods and canned foods, we consume far greater than the requirements as salt is added as a preservative.
If our salt consumption is very low it may cause muscle seizures, confusion and coma.
Especially those who spend much time in the hot sun, sports persons and those who sweat a lot should replace the lost sodium.
Though excess of this mineral is excreted, its excess may cause hyper tension and edema.
High levels of sodium can cause osteoporosis by increasing the loss of calcium through urine.

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